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Feedback and Reviews

Basement apartment

I was referred to Perfect Basement by a co-worker who had their kitchen done with them. I visited the house and was really impressed with their basement kitchen. The quality was some of the nicest work I've ever seen. Pictures didn't do it justice. I interviewed 3 other contractors.
They were pretty much in and out in about half an hour and gave me a price on the spot. When Denis came by, it was a completely different experience. We spent almost 4 hours going over the basement and he came up with a design on the spot that was very thoughtful. I was really impressed with his professionalism and you could tell he knew his stuff inside out. We spent a month designing the basement and selecting materials with Denis and he didn't proceed and made numerous changes before actually starting construction.
The actual construction went fairly smooth and we made very few minor changes from the original plans. During the construction, what really impressed me was the service. They were very nice people to get along with and treated my home with a ton of respect, which I really really appreciated. In addition to that, they are very skilled in what they do. I knew to expect very good quality work from having seen my friend's kitchen and they didn't disappoint.
Denis banned me from going into the basement for the last week of work. He explained that the last week was when everything went together and the basement got finished and isn't a work-site anymore. I'm glad I didn't peek, I literally cried when he finally took us down to show us the final product. I couldn't believe it was our home. I still remember the feeling. I get so many compliments from everyone who has seen our basement ever since. I loved it so much I slept in the basement for the first few nights. It is so beyond what I expected.
Denis really loves his work and is an utter joy to work with. The people he works with (electrician, plumber, carpenters) are very very skilled as well. I can't say enough good things about them. Our basement is the nicest part of our house and I'm really glad I hired them for this job. It really exceeded my expectations. I think I have a duty to tell everyone about them. Good luck Denis on all future work! You're invited over anytime!!!


Dennis and his team were excellent. The workmanship was superb! The first basement floor bathroom walls were uneven and the team spent time on calculating how to apply the subway tiles in a way that they were all even. I was truly impressed and if he didn't tell me the wall was crooked, I certainly couldn't tell when looking at the new tiles. I added a request to create a niche in the shower wall which was not part of the original design. Dennis was able to accommodate this request immediately. I really liked that a change order was created whereby I had to approve prior to the work being done. There were never any surprises when it came to the invoicing. I was impressed that Dennis would see something that may not be visually appealing, he would stop, provide options, and I would choose the best one which was usually his recommendation. The slate floor was challenging due to each one being slightly different shades, but he picked out the best ones and it looks fantastic. I love the custom shower which provides so much more room than the ugly shower stall that was there before. Dennis was able to breathe new life into teen basement room (I put some pic)! I was also impressed that his workers were always on time. If Dennis said they would be here at 9, they were here at 9 or earlier! I was 100% comfortable leaving Dennis and his team here at the house without me being here. I totally trusted them. He never complained about anything and it was a pleasure working with him. Overall, I can't say enough good things about Perfect Basements. I highly recommend them and will definitely refer them to my friends.

Basement guest room

We live in Vaughan ON and had our basement finished by Perfect Basements. To be honest their price was not the lowest or highest. It was what we thought was fair for the basement and we ended up going with them. The work took about 4 weeks and overall they did an amazing job. It was a very nice transformation our basement. Denis and his guys dropped off samples and made the whole thing super easy and professional for us.


Really great experience with Perfect Basement . Good one-stop shop for everything you need for basement remodel . Good practical advice too all around for a first time homeowner fixing up a fixer-upper. Would recommend them and hire them again. All their staff is really professional and communicative - never had to wait to hear from them or ping them twice on anything.

Tatiana Baryshnikova


I would like to thank you for renovation my basement very fast and perfect. I will definitely recommend him to family and friends.

Shirin Naddafi


Great job Denis, thanks for your professionalism and workmanship. Would highly recommend him. Very easy to work with, brings high level of knowledge - always on time and willing to provide solutions.

Rob Nikolovsky

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